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I am NOT a disaster waiting to happen. I am a disaster in Progress...

31 August 1973
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I spend my time bouncing around between living up here in the Northwest corner of your US map and living in Beijing, China...but I'm originally from New Orleans...I'm a Cell & Molecular Biologist by training and a writer by choice...I like doing things that I would have my characters do...things like sailing a two-masted schooner, rock climbing, trudging up mountains to see an awesome waterfall or lake where no one else is around, kayaking with whales, martial arts, ziplining the Great Wall, those kinds of things...I'm also kind of a weirdness magnet (I've been told that the things that happen in my life don't happen in other people's lives, only in movies)...I hang out at Science fiction conventions a lot and speak as a panelist whenever I'm given the opportunity...I "collect" natural disasters (I'm only missing tsunami and volcano)...I also occasionally collect unusual pets, but I've been limited to cats lately...I have about a zillion hobbies, a short attention span, a decent singing voice, a modest knack for languages and I really, really like to talk...oh, and I also have a penchant for over-using ellipses...